BOS wine collection expands • • 
MOON BOS • Bottling Day
We are so excited to be bringing you our first release of MOON BOS this winter.  This red wine blend has become affectionately known to us as MOON BOS due to a series of events.  During the craziness of harvest it is important for the custom crush facilities to get things labeled right away so nothing gets mixed up.  As our wine was making its way into the facility they took ‘MO’ for one of our grape varietals Mourvedre and ‘ON’ for the abbreviation of our wine makers wine Onesta and placed BOS at the end.  The facility manager stood back and kind of chuckled to himself knowing David is a biodynamic farmer and follows the moon cycles as part of his farming practices.  From then on the name stuck and we never questioned what our new addition to the BOS wine collection would be called.

BOS 2013 Sauvignon Blanc • Harvest & Crush