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Our Garden Story

This garden in Calistoga, California is where our story began to grow and was the inspiration for our journey.  This was the first garden we planted together as we started to venture outside our comfort zone.  Where we taught our kids about how things grow, why we keep chickens and pigs way out in the red barn and what real compost feels like and smells like.  It was our source for connecting people to the garden as a way of understanding farming and quality wine.  In this garden we had many Carnitas & Sauvignon Blanc parties and dreamt up our Wine & Swine club.  Ultimately, this garden had us transfixed when we realized our next move was to go across the country to Traverse City, Michigan. We knew then that some day these places would be tied together but we didn’t know how.  By far, this garden gave us way more than the work it took to create... as gardens usually do!





Three years after making the big decision to move and a long bumpy road, we landed in Williamsburg, MI just outside Traverse City. Planting this garden welcomed us home as we dug ours hands into the soil and were once again surrounded by the sights and smells that we had longed for.  Seeing the connection between our Calistoga garden and our new home we started hosting farm tours to share the vision of what a tasting room would be like in the red barn overlooking gardens, vineyards, animals and the agrarian conservation land that surrounds it.  It was a fantastic year of realizing some dreams and seeing the great potential for BOS Wine in the future.  While we had found a home for our family our business needed to keep looking for where it belonged.



As soon as we saw the farmhouse on Ames Street in downtown Elk Rapids, MI with the red barn in the background we knew it was the perfect setting for BOS Wine.  As friends and family started showing up to help us create this place it was the garden that touched our heart and connected us to where our journey began.  In such a short time it has amazed us on how quickly a place can become a home.  Except this time it is a home for BOS Wine and it is the first time our little boutique wine label, since its beginning in 2010, with its growing community of wine club members has had a home and its own garden.  We are beyond excited to finally be able to invite you to the BOS Wine Garden that will once again be a source for connecting people to the garden as a way of understanding farming and quality wine.