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Alaina Leech
April 22, 2024 | Alaina Leech

A Toast to Biodynamic & Organic Farming on Earth Day

Earth Day is the perfect time to toast Mother Earth and explore the sustainable practices taking root in Michigan vineyards. With an ever-growing wine industry in the state, many vineyards are turning to biodynamic and organic farming methods to cultivate high-quality grapes while preserving the environment, which are initiatives we can all get behind! Biodynamic and organic farming are the roots of who we are at BOS Wine, and we do everything we can to protect and celebrate the vineyards where we are so lucky to grow grapes. We work with incredible farmers who believe in our mission and know it makes a difference when you sip our wine. 

Biodynamic farming is more than a method; it's a philosophy that treats the vineyard as a self-sustaining ecosystem. By harmonizing with lunar and cosmic cycles and prioritizing soil health and biodiversity, biodynamic vineyards are not just grape producers but environmental stewards. These practices result in wines authentically reflecting the region's unique terroir, a true pleasure for wine enthusiasts.

Michigan vineyards are also making strides in organic farming, with many wineries proudly displaying the USDA organic seal on their bottles. By forgoing synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in favor of natural and sustainable practices, these vineyards protect the soil and surrounding ecosystem while producing grapes of exceptional quality. We salute their commitment to our planet and dedication to delivering top-notch wines.

As we raise a glass to Earth Day, let's raise our voices to support Michigan's dedicated farmers and winemakers. Some of our favorites include Left Foot Charley, Modales Wines, Boathouse Vineyards, Folklor, and Green Bird Organic Cellars. They're leading the way in adopting more sustainable vineyard practices. By choosing wines from these vineyards, we're enjoying a great glass of wine and playing a crucial role in protecting our planet. Here's to the vineyards of Michigan, where farming and quality are intertwined, and our choices as consumers can make a significant difference.


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